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Minion On-line Comic – The first few pages of MINION are online. For a small taste of the beginning, head on over to the comics section of my web site and have a look.
T-Shirts In Stock – I have a limited supply of GEMINI T-shirts for sale. Stop by the Online Store To see if There is one in your size, and don′t forget to tell your friends to check out
Upcoming Projects
The Hunted – This four issue mini-series is not your everyday super-hero story. It follows the self destructive downfall of three friends with extraordinary powers.
UN-NATURAL BEGINNINGS – Three unnatural characters trapped in one unusual book. I′m deep into the planning stages of my first anthology of short comic stories. All three short comic stories will be available for free right here. Then for all you crazy collectors like me, I′ll be printing a limited run TPB.
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Robert P. Seavello
When a young boy wakes up to find his thumb soaking wet, his imagination gets the best of him. MONSTERS! What else would sneak into his room and do something so strange?
Badly disfigured and pissed off at the world, MUGSHOT struggles to hold back his fury. Read more about him and the rest of THE HUNTED before you become the prey!
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