Lets face it, it takes cash to make dreams come true. I love telling stories and drawing comics, but it can be an expensive hobby/business. My goal is create memorable characters and great stories for everyone to enjoy. Funding my projects helps me buy new art supplies, pay for advertising and print merchandise.

I've set up two ways to fund projects. The easiest way is to simply donate as little or as much as you want by clicking on the donate button. Everyone that donates $5 or more will have their name placed on the list of supporters located at the bottom of this page. If you would like to remain anonymous then just let me know and I'll keep your name on the top secret hush hush list.

The best way to help fund my projects is to stop by my online store and buy a comic book, T-shirt or a limited print. If you purchase a copy of Sunset Issue One you'll be getting a piece of my comic book history. Sunset Issue One is my first published comic. It's was produced as the pilot issue for an 18 book mini series. Only 5,500 copies were printed and it was a big hit with indi comic fans at the San Diego Comic-Con. All limited prints are produced in batches of 100 and are numbered and signed by hand.

Thanks for your support. Now go read some free comic books. :)

SPECIAL THANKS to my friends and family for all their support and help. It's not hard being an artist, but it sure is hard being related to one. They have had to listen to all my crazy ideas, pick me up when I was down, take me in when I was broke, and love me through it all. You are all the best. I couldn't do it with out you.