Brothers to the end! Wesley, Allen and Parris learned early they couldn't survive without friends you can trust. Violence and fear crept around every corner of their teenage years. Growing up in the low rent district only gave you two choices, give in, or fight. Their choice was made the day Parris was rushed to the intensive care unit after a brutal gang beating. They vowed to find a way to stop the hold of terror placed on the city streets by thugs and criminals alike. Their vow was forged in blood, "One day we'll change the world!"

With their futures chosen, they set out to do just that. Wesley joined the army while Allen and Parris enrolled in separate colleges. Four years went by in the blink of an eye. Now in their early twenties their paths would merge again as they learn the world holds greater dangers then the trials of their youth. Government plots, secret agencies and scientific advancements in human evolution turn their lives upside down. Now was the time to make a difference. Now was the time to be heroes.

But all wouldn't go as planned. Pulled into the world of corruption and atrocities hidden from the public would push their sanity to its limits. The differences between right and wrong would blur. The consequences of their actions would crush their spirit. They would be hated for the mistakes they made. Still they would go on. The world needed them. The world needed protection.